This is the work of every Albertan.

We need to work together on solutions to Alberta’s complex environmental challenges. Join the community that is taking environmental action in a meaningful way. 

These are uncertain times.

The challenges we face can seem overwhelming. Protecting natural environments and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions are just two issues among many causes that demand our attention and support. If you’re worried about Alberta’s future, but unsure of how to find the community that is addressing these challenges, supporting Alberta Ecotrust is your path to making a valuable contribution.

For 30 years, Alberta Ecotrust Foundation has been facilitating partnerships and convening projects to protect our ecosystems. We are a trusted charity that is well known for responsible financial management, using donations to fund tangible and transformational solutions to Alberta’s environmental and social challenges. 

The challenges we face are less daunting when we work together. That’s why we partner across boundaries to mobilize and inspire those who champion and protect the environment. And it’s why we are reaching out to Albertans like you, who are passionate about integrated and collaborative environmental solutions.

Plus, did you know that less than 7% of donors in Canada donate to environmental causes? We really want to change that. We see how important environmental work is improving quality of life for communities across the board. That’s why we believe investing in the environment is an investment in the health of a community.

How is donating to Alberta Ecotrust different? 

When you contribute to Alberta Ecotrust, you don’t have to choose between saving a watershed, defending parks, or reducing carbon emissions. We strive to protect Alberta’s ecosystems in all facets by funding a variety of projects, strategic initiatives, and programs.

Plus, when you donate to Alberta Ecotrust, you will:

  1. Get personalized updates that show where your donations are going, so you can see how you are authentically making a difference in your local area and across Alberta.

  2. Get exclusive access to an “I donated” social media post so you can take pride in doing your part and inspire your community to join you.

  3. Get exclusive access to events, like sessions at our Environmental Gathering, so you can meet, learn, and collaborate with your community.

  4. Get to be a part of our focus groups and surveys, so you can help shape our priorities and future work.

Together, we make a difference.

Defend Alberta Parks

"In February 2020, the Government of Alberta announced their intention to remove 175 parks from the Alberta parks system. This decision has since been reversed, but only because of pushback from tens of thousands of Albertans.” - CPAWS Northern Alberta. 

Alberta Ecotrust funded CPAWS Northern Alberta to mobilize the public and partners to oppose these changes. Albertans love parks, and through our funding, we were able to further enable CPAWS to stand up for them and prevent the degradation of the parks system. 

Restoration of Kainai Native Grassland Habitat and Traditional Plant Populations

The loss and degradation of native grasslands and traditional plants have negative impacts on the environment and Kainai culture. Due to agricultural practices, encroachment of invasive species and the current and future threats of climate change on their land, the community identified the need to preserve and protect these important cultural, environmental and economic resources on their land.

Alberta Ecotrust funded the Rockies Institute and Kainai First Nation to restore 25 hectares of native grasslands and traditional plant populations. Restoring grasslands decreases fuel-intensive agriculture practices, contributes to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions and increases ecological health of the land, water and habitats.

By the Numbers 

746 Total Projects  $11.4M Invested in Alberta 31 Years of Active Collaboration

What donors are saying…

"I have been a monthly donor to Alberta Ecotrust for 5 years. There are three reasons I am compelled to give. First, having spent most of my career working in the non-profit sector I understand the value of reliable monthly donations to support ongoing operations. Second, a donation to Alberta Ecotrust is one that also supports a wide range of non-profit organizations doing important work in our province on climate action, water and landscape conservation. Third, I believe in the incredible team of people who make up Alberta Ecotrust and it is a pleasure to play a small part in supporting their work. It feels good to give!” - Rachelle Haddock, Monthly Donor

"Alberta Ecotrust is a unique and a valuable resource to ensure many different organizations can address and take action on their project or area of concern. I  appreciate the work that Alberta Ecotrust does to bring  people and ideas from across the province together to learn from one another and share ideas. Many thanks!” - Andrea Hlady, Monthly Donor

Plus Alberta Ecotrust was recently named one of the best charities in Calgary.

Start donating today

Donate as often as you’d like, whether that is once, monthly or annually, your contribution is still valuable. But, when you commit to monthly donations for environmental solutions, you give us more stability, which helps us have an even bigger impact in your community. Together, we’ll turn brilliant ideas into positive community projects that solve multiple challenges at once.

Will you join the community that is genuinely helping people and our planet?

Plus, when you donate before the end of the year, your donation will be matched by one of our philanthropic donors, and you’ll join the community of people taking action. 

Help us make a difference in 2022. Donate today and your gift will be worth double!



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